Marketplace AM for February 27, 2007

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Off-campus real estate still booming

Even as the housing market continues its slide, depleted university budgets and an upward trend in student enrollment have built a profitable little investment pocket in some college towns.
Posted In: Housing, Investing

A better brand of business travel

Commentator Lucy Kellaway suggests opening a new virtual airline where business travelers could get all the benefits of flying without the hassles.
Posted In: Jobs, Travel

Chinese stocks plummet

China's market fell nearly 9 percent today — its biggest drop in more than a decade. What happened? Could be that the volatile market was just due for a correction.
Posted In: Canada, Investing

Cell phone 'wallet' headed West

Barcode-scanning cell phones are common in parts of Asia, but now they're expected to make it to Europe and the U.S. within a year as major phone companies work to come up with a universal barcode standard.
Posted In: Canada, Science

Shareholders get say in CEO pay?

Some in Congress want to pass legislation that would give shareholders a non-binding voice in executive compensation, but critics say Joe Shareholder isn't really qualified to weigh in.
Posted In: Washington

E.U. targets counterfeiters

The European Union is considering new criminal penalties for counterfeiting and intellectual piracy that could mean four years in jail and fines of up to $360,000 for some violations.
Posted In: Canada, Crime

In favor of energy regulation

Consumer groups are advocating to keep electric utilities under government control. They point to higher rates and energy shortages in states that have deregulated power.
Posted In: Washington

Getting consumers excited about high-def

Prices for flat panel TVs and high-definition DVD players keep coming down but consumers still aren't biting. Seems they're satisfied with their current picture — at least enough to wait and see whether Blu-ray or HD-DVD wins out.
Posted In: Science

Saca buddies up to Democrats

El Salvador's President Tony Saca is a strong ally of the Bush administration, but now he's trying to make friends with top Democrats and it has everything to do with immigration.
Posted In: Canada, Immigration, Washington

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