Marketplace AM for February 23, 2007

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Do women deserve equal pay at Wimbledon?

Business of sports commentator Diana Nyad says female tennis players may provide just as much entertainment value as the men, but when it comes down to it, it really isn't equal pay for equal work.
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Crunching the Oscar numbers

As Hollywood prepares for Sunday's Academy Awards show, Daily Variety's Mike Speier breaks down the cash flow that makes it all come together.
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Red carpet. Big stars. Green cars.

The buzzword on Oscar's red carpet this year is green. Celebrities will arrive at the Academy Awards in environmentally-friendly cars ranging from plug-in hybrids to the smokin' hot electric Tesla Roadster.
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Juice lovers feelin' the squeeze

It's been a rough year for oranges. We had a freeze in California. And a shortage in Florida. That's pushed OJ prices higher and higher . . . and higher. But heavy rains in Brazil may bring some relief.
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First 'green certified' gas station opens today

BP unveils its Helios House solar-powered gas station in Los Angeles today, but activists say it doesn't address the real problem, because it's still pumping out the same old gas.

NASCAR willing to consider biofuel

GM is urging NASCAR to follow the IndyCar Series' lead and switch over to ethanol-based fuel as U.S. automakers try to push the alternative into the mainstream. And NASCAR isn't scoffing at the idea.
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France, Germany talk job cuts

Jacques Chirac and Angela Merkel are trying to get the Airbus restructuring plan back on the runway. Germany balked at the initial plan which reportedly had it suffering the bulk of job cuts in the jointly-owned company.
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Russia yanks Boeing order

President Putin has blocked Russia's state-controlled airline Aeroflot from purchasing 22 Boeing Dreamliners in a move that appears to be more about politics than planes.
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Defense spending in the private sector

American defense contractors aren't the only ones looking to buy up some of the overseas competition. Britain's BAE Systems reportedly has a lengthy shopping list of U.S. companies.
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