Marketplace AM for February 19, 2007

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SoHo on the cheap

With prices in Manhattan rising ever higher, more and more Americans are opting for its trendy — but cheap — South American counterpart: the Palermo Soho neighborhood of Buenos Aires.
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Yes, there's a doctor in the house

As health care premiums cut deeper and deeper into companies' bottom lines, on-site health care is becoming more than just an attractive employee benefit. Now it's more cost-effective than ever.
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American travelers, the U.K. wants you!

Bored with Britain? Travel from the U.S. to the U.K. is slumping, so tourism officials there are launching a new marketing campaign to point out some of its finer — and more unusual — points.
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The sweet sound of civil unions

Starting today, gay couples in New Jersey can be legally joined. The law stops short of allowing same-sex marriage, but it all has the same ring at the cash register for florists and caterers and wedding planners and . . .

One-day miners strike in Mexico

A year ago today, a mine explosion in Mexico killed 65 workers. Since then, only two bodies have been recovered and no one's been prosecuted, so miners are striking to pressure the government to punish their employer.
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How long can Palestine wait?

Hope for swift and substantial progress in the Middle East is fading as the peace process stalls in Jerusalem. That's bad news for a Palestinian economy sinking further into a state of disrepair.
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Job Files: Balls and strikes

This week, we play ball with a minor league umpire.
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