Marketplace AM for February 18, 2005

Episode Description 

In search of the next Ginsu

Think of it as QVC's version of "American Idol": This week the TV shopping network held open auditions for new products to be offered on-air, coast-to-coast. Reporter Robin Urevich attended one of the audition events earlier this week in Los Angeles.

Latin American boom cycle: Brazil

Latin America is seeing its best economic growth in 20 years. Brazil's economy grew by 5 percent last year... its best rate in a decade. Marketplace Americas Desk reporter Dan Grech takes us to Sao Paulo to find out what's giving the country's economy its kick.

Job Files: Dolphin Trainer

It's time for another segment of The Job Files. This week, we meet Michael Jordan, marine mammal trainer at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Alex McRae produced this edition of the Job Files.

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