Marketplace AM for February 15, 2007

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Newspapers, spend more money!

Survey says: Newspapers that invest more money in their newsrooms make more money. Researchers say the media industry's recent inclination to slash jobs to cut costs is not only ineffective, but detrimental.
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Why NASCAR, why now?

Toyota is already poised to overtake GM as the No. 2 automaker, but USC Sports Business Institute's David Carter says aligning with NASCAR is a no-brainer — and this is the year to do it.
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Taking another stab at tobacco regulation

A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduces a bill today that would allow the FDA to regulate tobacco. And anti-smoking activists say past failures might not mean a thing in the new, more liberal Congress.
Posted In: Washington

Starbucks meets African farmers halfway

Under public pressure from social activists, Starbucks has announced that it will double the amount of coffee it purchases from East Africa by 2009 — but it won't necessarily pay more for it.
Posted In: Canada

Outlawing genetic bias in the workplace

Republicans were able to block it for over a decade, but Congress may finally be ready to pass legislation that'll ban employers and insurers from discriminating against people based on DNA.
Posted In: Jobs, Washington

Meet the un-Barbie

A popular Middle Eastern doll made her U.S. debut at the New York Toy Fair this week. Fulla looks a lot like Barbie, but she dresses conservatively, she's studious — and she has no interest in Ken.
Posted In: Retail

Delicate balance: liability vs. accountability

The SEC wants to limit damages against corporations accused of fraud, but critics say the plan runs the risk of squashing accountability and opening the floodgates for wrongdoing.
Posted In: Crime

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