Marketplace AM for December 9, 2004

Episode Description 

There's gold in them hills

Gold is starting to look attractive to a lot of folks concerned with the falling dollar. But is the investment it's cracked up to be? Host Kai Ryssdal gets some advice from Marketplace's money expert Chris Farrell.

The future of work

Are we headed for a revolution in the workplace? Thomas Malone, author of "The Future of Work" claims it's already started. He tells host Tess Vigeland about some of the changes we'll start to see in the workplace during the next several years.

Another way to pay for health care

As health care costs escalate, U.S. Firms are finding it hard to provide competitive benefits without breaking the bank. Some businesses are trying a new approach with a simple, but controversial premise: The more money you make, the more you pay for health care. From WFAE in Charlotte, Jaime Bedrin reports on one company's experience.

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