Marketplace AM for December 3, 2004

Episode Description 

Ricky says no more - again

Former Miami Dolphins running back Running back Ricky Williams is definitely not coming back to the NFL after rejecting a deal that would've allowed him to play next year. Sports Commentator Diana Nyad talks about what it means financially for a team to lose such a star player.

DVD Wars

Entertainment industry commentator Mike Speier discusses the technology battle over the high definition DVD format, with Marketplace's Tess Vigeland.

Raising the bar, and the salary

We've all heard the research that says women "under-negotiate" salary and raises. Females, the theory goes, have been taught not to be too pushy and typically aren't as demanding as their male colleagues when they negotiate salary, pay raises and promotions. But as Work and Family correspondent Sarah Gardner reports, women are beginning to catch on by doing a little "networking"...

Bhopal - twenty years later

Two decades ago today, 40 tons of poisonous gas leaked out of a pesticide factory owned by Union Carbide Company in Bhopal, India. According to official estimates, some 15,000 people died that night and in the following months. Doctors say many who were exposed to the gas will continue to suffer health consequences for the rest of their lives. But as Miranda Kennedy reports from Bhopal, some survivors have used the compensation they received from the company to start sustainable economic programs.

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