Marketplace AM for December 22, 2005

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Inflation indicators

Personal finance expert Chris Farrell surveys inflation indicators with host Scott Jagow to evaluate how good a job the Fed is doing to keep prices down.
Posted In: Economy

Not made in China

Host Cheryl Glaser talks to Sara Bongiorni, a Louisiana writer whose family has been trying to live an entire year without buying products made in China.

Denied boarding

Tighter airport security turns thousands of air travelers without proper documentation away from boarding gates each day. Bruce Kennedy has more on a new service these travelers can turn to in Atlanta.


Investor interest in IPOs has fallen considerably this year. Janet Babin looks at why.
Posted In: Wall Street

Last-minute shopping

Perhaps the biggest trend in holiday shopping this year is procrastination. Alex Cohen reports on what it means for shoppers and retailers.

Sony spyware woes

Sony's woes in the Lone Star State deepened Wednesday after a judge added new charges that the company illegally embedded spyware in its products. Tess Vigeland has more.

California wary of Diebold machines

California's Secretary of State has refused to approve the use of electronic voting machines. He's asking for a federal review of the technology. As Stacey Vanek-Smith reports, that could have implications for the 30-some states using the machines.

Medical device glitches

Recent problems with a blood sugar monitor are the latest in a series of medical device glitches this year. Helen Palmer looks at what's behind the trend.
Posted In: Health

Take that, you young whippersnappers

A new report shows that, contrary to popular belief, people over 50 can actually be more productive than younger workers. Hillary Wicai has more.

Tamiflu - not the magic bullet?

Shares in the Swiss pharmaceuticals firm Roche dipped on European markets today. Further doubts about the company's anti bird flu treatment Tamiflu have worried investors. From London, Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Health

Albertson's sale... not

Albertson's was supposed to be sold off in pieces today, but an eleventh hour decision by the company's board of directors put off the sale. Dan Grech reports.

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