Marketplace AM for December 21, 2005

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Spies like us

Commentator Robert Reich says news that President Bush authorized spying on Americans without a court order should be cause for concern for business leaders.

Gifted teachers

'Tis the season when parents thank teachers for educating their children. For many teachers, these expressions of gratitude are getting bigger and bigger. Apryl Lundsten reports.

Defense bill as Christmas tree

In an effort to pass controversial provisions like drilling in ANWR, senators have tacked them onto a "must-pass" appropriations bill to fund defense programs, like so many ornaments on a Christmas tree. John Dimsdale reports.

Transit strike's silver lining?

When mass transit workers go on strike, conventional wisdom says taxis and livery cabs make a mint. But Alisa Roth finds -- that's just not so in New York.

Vaccine indemnity

In an effort to spur production of a possible bird flu vaccine, the Senate is considering legislation that would exempt drug-makers from liability related to the use of those treatments. Some say the provisions are necessary; others say they're too broad. Helen Palmer reports.
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Bank of Italy overhaul

Italian officials are working to revamp the Bank of Italy after its governor resigned amid allegations of wrong-doing. Megan Williams reports.
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Reporting on healthcare benefits

Earlier this year, new accounting rules required businesses to add pension obligations to their bottom lines in quarterly earnings reports. Now there's talk of adding retiree healthcare obligations as well. Cheryl Glaser looks at what impact the move could have on shareholders.
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Will Google get flashier?

With the Google/AOL deal all but finalized, many analysts expect Google will add more graphics and flash animation to its advertising. Have we seen the last of the staid, austere Google we've come to know? Janet Babin has more.

Calpine files for bankruptcy

California-based energy company Calpine wanted to become the nation's largest supplier of power. It bet heavily on natural gas power plants because gas is more efficient, cheaper and less polluting than coal. That was before natural gas prices shot sky high, more than doubling this year alone. Late yesterday, Calpine filed for bankruptcy. From WLRN in Miami, Dan Grech reports.

Pace in Aceh

If there is a silver lining to last years Tsunami that killed between 130,000 and 170,000 in Aceh Indonesia alone, it could be the peace dividend. The natural disaster was a catalyst to a peace agreement signed last August ending a bloody 30 year conflict between Acehnese rebels gam and the Indonesian government. Today marks another historic day for peace in Aceh. Jocelyn Ford reports.

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