Marketplace AM for December 20, 2005

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O Little town...

Christmas is big business in the United States, but is it so in Jesus' birthplace? Hilary Krieger took a look at Christmas in Bethlehem.
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When kids don't smoke

A new report out shows teen smoking has dropped by more than half, costing the tobacco industry billions. Helen Palmer reports from the Marketplace Health Desk.
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A bad idea for Medicaid

Healthcare provider and commentator Stefan Kertesz argues against proposed cost-sharing plans for Medicaid patients.
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NYC transit strike

The Big Apple is now dealing with a major transit strike. Amy Scott reports on the enormous costs to local businesses, and how they're coping.

Outsourced airplane maintenance

More and more airlines are calling on lightly regulated foreign shops to maintain their aircraft. As Stacey Vanek-Smith reports, that's cause for concern for many.

Electricity and the Internet

Plans are in the works to offer two million Texas customers high-speed Internet over electrical utility lines. Alex Cohen looks at what impact this might have on the future of Internet delivery.

AOL and Google

Negotiations could be wrapped today in a deal that would see Google acquire a 5% share in AOL. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports on the high stakes drama surrounding the talks.

The impact of Bolivia's elections

Votes could be certified as early as today in Bolivia's election of left-leaning candidate Evo Morales. Dan Grech looks at what the election is likely to mean in economic terms.

China's meteoric growth

China has fine tuned the way it measures its economy, and the new numbers make China's economy 17% bigger, and growing faster than previously thought. It turns out the old way of measuring GDP missed a lot of the service sector. Jocelyn Ford reports.

Playing FTSE

History was made in the London stock market today. For the first time, a company from the former Soviet Union joined the index of top 100 British shares. From London, Stephen Beard reports.

Exxon and Valdez, reunited?

Exxon Mobil and BP sit on a fair amount of natural gas in Alaska's north slope. Yesterday state authorities sued them, for, well... sitting on it, instead of bringing it to market. The state wants to build a pipeline to transport the gas to the southern Alaskan port of Valdez. Scott Tong reports.

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