Marketplace AM for December 17, 2004

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Coca Cola wars

Coca Cola's had a rough year. The company dealt with a difficult shakeup in management. Soft drink sales have dropped off. And Coke is facing stiffer competition than ever. The last thing the beverage giant needs is an investor who wants to kick the company when it's down. That's where stock "activist" Max Keiser comes in. He wants to punish the company for its policies around the world. Marketplace's Alisa Roth reports from New York.

More hi-tech gift tips

Planning a high-tech gift for someone on your holiday shopping list? Editor Brian Cooley joins host Tess Vigeland with more advice on giving to gadget lovers.

Why the Golden Globes go independent

A lot of this year's Golden Globe nominees are being recognized for films they've done with independent film studios. Daily Variety's senior editor Stuart Levine joins host Cheryl Glaser to explore some of the reasons why.

The Best Gift Ever - Scott Adams

Another installment of The Best Gift Ever! Visit <A href="">The Best Gift Ever Index Page.</A>

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