Marketplace AM for December 16, 2004

Episode Description 

Grandma's place

Realtors will tell you that homebuyers who can afford it overwhelmingly choose to live in neighborhoods zoned "single-family." That means one family in one house on one lot. These days, though, granny may be living in a little cottage in the backyard as well. As Work and Family correspondent Sarah Gardner reports, so-called "granny flats" are making a comeback in a pricey housing market.

The Best Gift Ever - Paul Barker

Time for another installment in our holiday series--The Best Gift Ever! Visit <A href="">The Best Gift Ever Index Page.</A>

Cool gift!

High tech gizmos make popular holiday gifts. But how sure are you that groovy electronic stocking stuffer isn't stuffed into a drawer in a few months with other obsolete gadgets? Host Tess Vigeland talks about holiday high tech giving with editor Brian Cooley.

The Lakers lose a little something ...

With the loss of several key players, the Los Angeles Lakers isn't the dynasty basketball team it once was. And as Marketplace Business of Sports commentator David Carter tells host Cheryl Glaser, the team's fading image has also had an impact on the NBA overall.

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