Marketplace AM for December 15, 2005

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Global higher ed

Personal finance expert Chris Farrell tells host Scott Jagow that the growth of higher education in the developing world could have consequences for US competitiveness.

Sports ticket brokers

With the college football bowl season almost upon us, host Lisa Napoli talks with business of sports expert David Carter about the business of ticket brokers.
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Border business

With the House planning to vote to clamp down on illegal immigration, Carol King looks at a border business that thrives on legal immigrants.

Immigration reform

The House is expected to vote on a new bill today making it harder for illegal immigrants to work in this country. As Gretchen Cook reports, many in the business community are crying foul.

Do they cause light lung cancer?

A decision is expected today in a case over whether cigarette maker Phillip Morris must pay more than $10 billion for allegedly marketing light cigarettes as a healthy alternative to regular ones. Helen Palmer has more.
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A new go at $1 coins

The mint is planning to unveil a new dollar coin that will variously depict the likenesses of all deceased US presidents. In light of the tepid response to the Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea dollar coins, why does the mint think Americans will warm to this new currency? Tess Vigeland has more.

Ford bulks up Expedition

Just when you though the age of the big SUV was over, Ford announces production of a stretch Expedition. Is this the right strategy for the ailing automaker? Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Brazil pays back IMF debt

Latin America's biggest country has announced plans to pay back a $15.5 billion IMF debt two years ahead of schedule. Dan Grech looks at why things are so good in Brazil.

Defense deals

Some big deals have going down in the defense business lately. Warship-maker General Dynamics is acquiring tech firm Anteon in a deal worth more than $2 billion. As Stacey Vanek-Smith reports, it's all part of a defense industry IT boom.

Credit counseling, perhaps?

The government's spending habits are outlined today in the Congressional Budget Office's long-term budget outlook for the country. Hillary Wicai reports.

Bank gives back profits. In other news, pigs fly.

The Swiss bank UBS says it will repay the huge profits it made from a trading blunder in Tokyo last week. A Japanese trader lost hundreds of millions of dollars for his company, by simply typing the wrong numbers into his computer. Chaos ensued. Stephen Beard reports on what's being done to rectify the situation.

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