Marketplace AM for December 12, 2006

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'Sucks Less' costs less

Director Kevin Smith has teamed up with mtvU and UCLA to deliver "Sucks Less with Kevin Smith"— one of the hottest TV shows on college campuses. And it's economical too. Lisa Napoli has the story.
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This Winter Wonderland brought to you by . . .

It's December and stores are awash in warm lighting and shiny baubles to put us in a joyous and generous mood. Commentator Moira Manion takes us behind the scenes for a glimpse of reality.
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Last Fed meeting of the year

You know the drill by now: The Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee meets today to discuss what to do about interest rates. Fed watchers are predicting another pass, Hillary Wicai reports.
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Trade deficit shrinks but . . .

The U.S. trade deficit saw its biggest drop in five years in October, but economists say, look for a rebound.
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Nasdaq launches hostile takeover bid

The London Stock Exchange has rejected another offer from Nasdaq, so now the American exchange is pressing ahead with a hostile takeover bid, appealing directly to LSE shareholders. Stephen Beard reports.
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Wii's winning the holiday sales game

Nintendo's Wii gaming console is outselling Sony's PlayStation 3 — but it isn't necessarily because gamers don't want PS3. Alex Goldmark reports.
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Nissan finally eases into hybrids

Nissan is launching its own hybrid and has plans for a next generation fuel cell car, but the Japanese company is headed down greener roads in the slow lane. Janet Babin reports.
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Holiday IPO rush

Wall Street's prepping for the winter holidays just like the rest of us and that means a last-minute IPO blitz while everyone's still around. Alisa Roth explains.
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A lump of coal for LCD makers

Officials in Japan today said they're investigating Samsung and Philips, the two biggest LCD companies, for possible price-fixing. Anna Fifield is covering the story for the Financial Times.
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Mexico contemplates new sin taxes

Production at Mexico's main oil field is down 15 percent this year alone and that's left world's No. 5 oil producer looking for new ways to raise money. Dan Grech reports.
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