Marketplace AM for December 1, 2004

Episode Description 

Tis the season for travel

A record number of travelers will take to the skies over the next few weeks. Airlines are slashing their fares and amenities to compete for a piece of the pie. Is this the ghost of the airline industry's future? Stacey Vanek Smith reports. Also, commentator Rudy Maxa takes apart a US Airways plan to give employees perks for getting to work and being on time over the holiday season.

Service, with an accent ...

Maneuvering through America's melting pot often means leaping language barriers. The booming immigrant population is full of newcomers who don't speak much English. When they're waiting tables and driving cabs that can mean winding up with the wrong order or in the wrong place. It's a customer service problem that's getting some employers in hot water. Washington reporter Gretchen Cook has more.

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