Marketplace AM for August 5, 2005

Episode Description 

Marketing to boomers

In TV, advertisers covet the 18 to 49-year old demographic. But by the end of next year's TV season, more than half the nation's baby boomers will be over 50. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports on whether marketers plan to follow them over the hill.

Action movies go bust

Lisa Napoli talks to Variety's Michael Speier about this summer's blockbusters.

Reluctant leisure time

Kristine Enea's co-author of a book on the subject of time off. She says many companies are encouraging workers to go away for a while. So why do Americans give up a fourth of our vacation time each year?

Job files: lifeguard

Most people relax when they're poolside. Except for the one with the whistle.

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