Marketplace AM for August 30, 2007

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TV for the ultra-wealthy

In exclusive resort towns from Aspen to the Hamptons, where the rich and powerful hobnob with... well, each other, something called Plum TV is all the rage. And advertisers for luxury products are plum tickled. Jill Barshay has the story.
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Don't leave home without your spares

Car keys have gotten so high-tech on some models these days that locksmiths will tell you it's better to play it safe and take along not just one but two sets of spares when you go on vacation. Jon Baird has details.
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Mexican Dream is alive and well

Sure the American mortgage market may be all but flatlining, but that's actually given the housing market south of the border a healthy boost. Dan Grech explains.
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Conserve energy? What's in it for me?

As California sizzles in triple-digit temperatures, it's expected to break the record for power usage. But Golden State residents still won't pay higher energy rates, and that could be part of the problem, Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

Markets without borders

When it comes to financial markets, what happens in Asia affects Europe, which affects Street and round and round, sometimes not in positive ways. So now other countries want a say in the oversight of U.S. financial institutions. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Gold workers hit pay dirt (sort of)

The price of gold has more than doubled in recent years, but that hasn't translated to double the profits for producers and certainly not double the salary for workers. But they are getting 8 to 10 percent raises. Gretchen Wilson reports.
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