Marketplace AM for August 12, 2005

Episode Description 

Fuel economy for the airlines

In an effort to help airlines cut costs, Boeing's developed a way to make planes more efficient on runways and tarmacs. Jason Paur reports from Seattle.

Airline etiquette from Rudy Maxa

The airline experience just isn't what it used to be, what with airlines ditching everything from pillows to pretzels in an effort to save money, and flights booked past capacity. Commentator Rudy Maxa says it's time for a new airline etiquette.

As Peter Jennings exits, who enters?

Longtime television news anchor Peter Jennings died of lung cancer this week, leaving ABC with the question of what to do with their nightly news show. Cheryl Glaser talks to entertainment commentator Michael Speier.

Sports shoes competition

It used to be Adidas versus Reebok; now, it'll be Adidas AND Reebok. The two companies agreed last week to a $3.8 billion merger. Sports commentator Michael Knisley says the impact on the business of sports starts in China.

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