Marketplace AM for August 11, 2006

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After Fidel

What will a post-Castro Cuba look like? Host Scott Jagow speaks with former CIA analyst Brian Latell who's written a book about Cuba's future.
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Foreign markets' Hollywood pull

Host Mark Austin Thomas talks to Daily Variety managing editor Michael Speier about the role foreign markets play in deciding what movies get made in Hollywood.

Markets mostly unfazed by terror plot

News of the planned terrorist attack didn't prompt the predictable response from Wall Street. Usually, nervous investors shy away from stocks but just the opposite happened yesterday. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Air travel's new inconvenience

The new security measures might be necessary, but they're inconvenient for travelers. Lisa Napoli looks at the possible impact the foiled bombing plot might have on the airline industry.
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Business travel market at risk?

Officials meet in Britain today to talk about security. Airlines will lobby for an early relaxation of the tough new security rules — which could be critical to keeping business travelers in the air instead of videoconferences. Stephen Beard explains.
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Lebanon still waiting for fuel

While diplomats work on an agreement to end the fighting in Lebanon, the country is running critically low on fuel. Ben Gilbert reports.
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Farmers weigh in on immigration

Texas farmers who depend on immigrant labor plan to call on Congress today to pass a guest worker program. David Martin Davies reports.
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Cashing in on fantasy football

Fantasy football leagues can generate real revenue for businesses tied to the NFL. Stacey Vanek-Smith looks at who's banking on the phenomenon.
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New Tibetan railway is cracking

The $4.2 billion dollar train to Tibet has been rolling for over a month now. The government said it plans to extend the rail, but there are some technical problems that need to be solved. Jocelyn Ford reports.
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Imagine Cup finals

Microsoft today announces the winners of its annual Imagine Cup finals, a student technology contest. This year 200 finalists from more than 40 countries came to India to show off their software design skills. Miranda Kennedy has the story.
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