Marketplace AM for August 11, 2005

Episode Description 

Little junior on the swing shift

This week, hundreds of child care administrators gathered in Washington DC. One of their biggest challenges: finding good care in a 24/7 economy. From the Work and Family desk, Hillary Wicai tells us about one homegrown solution in the Bronx.

The business with steroids and baseball

Rafael Palmeiro is heading back to work after serving a 10-day suspension for using steroids. Business of sports analyst David Carter talks to Cheryl Glaser about steroids and baseball.

Chris Farrell on interest rates

This week, for the 10th time in a row, the Federal Reserve bumped up its benchmark interest rate a quarter point. That rate now sits at 3 and a half percent and seems headed higher than experts had predicted. Scott Jagow asks Chris Farrell what's going on.

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