Marketplace AM for August 10, 2006

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Red terror alert paralyzes UK airports

For the first time ever, we are on the highest alert from Homeland Security this morning. It applies to commercial flights from Britain to the US, but it's affecting air traffic everywhere. Stephen Beard reports from London.
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A huge setback for the airline industry?

Airline stocks tanked this morning in Europe following news of the terrorist threat out of London. Shares of American Airlines dropped almost 13 percent. Host Scott Jagow talks to Mark Pilling, editor of Airline Business magazine.
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Confusion on Wall Street

Host Scott Jagow talks with Marketplace economics editor Chris Farrell about the markets' reaction to the Federal Reserve's decision to stop raising rates.

Protests escalate in Mexico

Host Mark Austin Thomas talks to Mexico City journalist Franc Contreras about the growing economic consequences of protests calling for a full recount of Mexico's presidential election.
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Easing up on Sarb-Ox

In an effort to stem continued criticism, the SEC is considering relaxing tough, post-Enron accounting rules for many small and foreign-owned businesses. Hillary Wicai reports.

New regs for truckers at US, Mexico border

New rules go into effect today tightening restrictions on Canadian and Mexican truckers coming into the US. Amy Scott reports that many shipping businesses are scrambling to comply.
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Malfunctioning defibrillators

Defibrillators are popping up in public places everywhere these days, but a new report says one in five could be defective. Helen Palmer looks into the life-saving market.
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But do you have an 'Elle' phone?

Women's fashion magazine Elle looks to expand the reach of its brand by launching its own cell phone — that doubles as a mirror. Stacey Vanek-Smith has the story.
Posted In: Science

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