Marketplace AM for August 10, 2005

Episode Description 

Take a ride in the fast lane

Want to ride in the carpool lane, but don't have a companion? Buy a hybrid car — it's a provision that's in the new highway bill the President will sign today. Marketplace's Scott Tong reports.

A break for artists?

Right now, when art collectors donate works to museums, they can claim a charitable deduction — but an artist cannot. Congress is thinking about giving them such a break. From Iowa Public Radio, Joyce Russell reports.

When Bambi looks a little pork-y

President Bush is scheduled to sign the highway bill today. Included in its $286 billion are some projects that smell of pork — say, $200,00 for a deer-avoidance system. Commentator Jeff Birnbaum has more.

Temptation and self-denial on the web

Ethan Lindsey looks at a new anti-procrastination tool. Sure, you want to click, but maybe you should check your e-mail first.

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