Marketplace AM for April 6, 2007

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Opportunity in Knock

The tiny town of Knock, Ireland has become a popular Catholic pilgrimage since residents say they saw an apparition of Virgin Mary in 1879. And a million and a half visitors each year equal a million and a half consumers.
Posted In: Canada

Music biz'll never be the same

Digital downloads are forever changing the way we find and listen to music — and that's changing the way the whole industry works, says Daily Variety's Mike Speier.
Posted In: Entertainment, Science

Battle of the sweeteners

Splenda has overtaken the sugar substitutes market, but little blue rival Equal says it's only done so with deceptive marketing claims. The case goes before a Philadelphia court Monday.
Posted In: Crime

Kerkorian's back in the Chrysler race

Twelve years after a previous attempt to acquire the automaker, billionaire Kirk Kerkorian has bid $4.5 billion for Chrysler. But if anyone's going to stand in his way, it could be the auto workers union.
Posted In: Auto

Another big raise for CEOs

CEO bonuses were up 13% last year. Some say efforts to link executive pay to performance are working, but critics argue that the rules of the game have been rigged to ensure a big payday.
Posted In: Jobs

Global warning

The latest UN report on climate change puts forth the bleakest outlook yet, saying warming will cause more damage than previously forecast — and sooner.
Posted In: Canada

First international labor union in the works

Two of the world's biggest labor unions are talking about merging. If Britain's Unite and United Steel Workers in the U.S. and Canada join forces it would create an international behemoth of a workers union.
Posted In: Canada, Jobs

Chavez gets biofuel backlash

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez has reversed his pro-ethanol stance on the heels of an announced ethanol partnership between the U.S. and Brazil. Probably realized his political influence would be eroded by widespread adoption of the biofuel.
Posted In: Canada

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