Marketplace AM for April 5, 2005

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Can Arizona build a prison in Mexico for illegal immigrants?

This week Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano may have a big decision to make. Should her state seriously consider building a prison in Mexico? Arizona has seen as massive crackdown on illegal immigrants... And the state has started shelling out millions of dollars each year to lock up undocumented workers. Lawmakers say an Arizona prison in Mexico could cut those costs in half. But the idea has Mexican officials more than a little annoyed. Julia Barton reports from Tucson.
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Compensation battles -- when is too much, too much?

A House committee meets today to consider the fate of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The two quasi-governmental companies back about half the mortgages in this country. Some think they could use a tighter leash. Marketplace's Amy Scott reports. Also, are CEOs really paid what they're worth? The Economist Magazine's Ben Edwards argues why big corporate compensation packages may not be that bad.