Marketplace AM for April 30, 2007

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Sloan Sessions: The ultimate tax dodge

Sam Zell has found quite a tax haven for his Tribune Company purchase. He's taking advantage of an unintentional loophole in an 11-year-old minimum wage bill that will allow the post-buyout Tribune to pay zero income tax. Zilch. Nada. Allan Sloan explains.
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CPK Special: Half Larry, half Rick

Co-founders Larry Flax and Rick Rosenfield are still leading California Pizza Kitchen side-by-side. Kai Ryssdal split a pizza with them recently and asked about their unusual working relationship.

Scanning news for automatic trading

When investors hear good news about a company, they generally buy the stock. Bad news? Sell. Reuters is rolling out a new service that tracks news about companies and can make automatic trades. Ashley Milne-Tyte has more.
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As the banking world turns

Last week in the ongoing ABN Amro saga, shareholders rebelled over the board's sale of La Salle to Bank of America without their approval. Now BofA is threatening an eye-popping $220 billion lawsuit. Stephen Beard walks us through it.
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Delta's back. . . and it's not cheap

The airline says it's learned from its mistakes. Delta's post-bankruptcy money-making plan is to stay out of the low-cost fray and go after customers who are willing to pay for a better experience, Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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U.S. pushes climate change off the agenda

E.U. leaders are in Washington today to talk about global warming, but White House opposition has been so staunch that they're holding their breath — for now. They may be more vocal in front of a G8 forum, Sam Eaton reports.
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Howling Wolfowitz

Paul Wolfowitz defends his job before a special committee today. Thing is, he was already cleared for the deal with his girlfriend once. Some say he's being targeted for doing too good a job of cleaning up corruption, John Dimsdale reports.
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