Marketplace AM for April 27, 2007

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Say goodbye to palm trees, Hollywood

LA's iconic palm-lined avenues may be fading into the sunset. As palms die of old age and a fatal fungus, the city plans to replace the pricey trees with oaks and sycamores. But that could be a big mistake, reports Stacey Vanek-Smith.

'The best Marketplace segment ever!'

(...based on a Friday morning theater story out of London April.) A European law set to take effect next year bans advertising that aims to deceive consumers, which means promoters will have to stop pulling misleading quotes from bad reviews.
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Barclays-ABN deal in doubt

When is a deal <em>not</em> a deal? When stockholders threaten legal action. Barclays Bank and a rival consortium are both looking to buy ABN Amro, and the Dutch bank's shareholders are challenging the board's decision to sell a key asset.
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Following the melamine

The FDA's still trying to sort out last month's pet food scare. It thinks it's tracked the offending chemical back to China, where the government seems to be genuinely invested in helping. But it won't be easy, Scott Tong tells us.
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Rich doesn't equal smart

Not only does intelligence have little to do with building wealth, says a new study, in some ways smart people may actually have a couple disadvantages when it comes to playing the money game. Steve Tripoli reports.

Not much you in Sony's tube

Sony is set to launch its own video-sharing website to rival YouTube, only it's promising to monitor the content to protect against copyright infringement. Great for studios, but what's in it for consumers?
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Big brother on contract

A government survey has found that a significant chunk of our nation's intelligence gathering and analysis has been handed over to private contractors, and we're paying them more to do the work. Jeff Tyler looks into it.
Posted In: Washington

Consumer sentiment and GDP weak

A recent consumer sentiment survey found optimsm about the U.S. economy at its lowest point in seven month. And the Commerce Department's bad news about the GDP has already had an effect on Wall Street.
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