Marketplace AM for April 20, 2005

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Blair and immigration

British leader Tony Blair is on course to win a third term in office after the UK's election next month. On most of the key issues - like the economy , healthcare and education, Blair's ruling Labour party enjoys a big lead over its rivals. But on one issue the opposition Conservatives are ahead: immigration. As Marketplace's Stephen Beard reports, calls for tougher controls on immigration is proving highly popular with the British electorate.
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Is inflation under control?

The Federal Reserve's line on the economy has been that inflation has been that inflation is, for the most part, under control. Still, the dollar is low, energy prices are high and employment numbers are a little shaky. So, how "under control" is inflation, really? Stacey Vanek Smith took a look.

Libor loans

With interest rates climbing, adjustable rate mortgages are starting to look scary for some homeowners. Commentator Jonathan Hobbs says his monthly payments are going up with the precision of a Rolex.

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