Marketplace AM for April 18, 2006

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Piracy has long been a dickens of a problem

The United States may be pointing the finger at China over piracy, but as Stephen Beard reports, the US has its own piracy skeletons in its closet.

New Orleans could learn from San Francisco quake

Historian John Steele Gordon says the lessons from the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 could help avoid mistakes in the rebuilding of New Orleans.

What's the ceiling on oil prices?

Not so long ago, $70 oil seemed unfathomable. Now, we're back there for a second time in a eight months. What's changed? Carola Hoyos, energy correspondent for the Financial Times in London, explains.

Black-owned businesses on rise

The Census Bureau keeps track of who owns what business in this country.A report out today says that in 2002 there were 1.2 million black-owned businesses. That's a 45% increase since 1997. Hillary Wicai reports.

Business before politics for Chinese leader

Hu Jintao arrives in the US today -- his first visit as Chinese president. He'll be getting a taste of American business and politics. Jocelyn Ford reports from Beijing.

Reading the Fed's tea leaves

The Federal Reserve is expected to release minutes from it most recent meeting today, and analysts are expected to pore over the text to find insight into the thinking of new Fed chief Ben Bernanke. Alisa Roth reports.
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SEC looks out for Tyco investors in settlement

Some may call Tyco's agreement with the SEC to pay $50 million to settle charges stemming from $1 billion accounting scandal a slap on the wrist. But as Cheryl Glaser reports, the agency doesn't want to punish shareholders twice.

Builders losing confidence

Enthusiasm among builders over the continued strength of the housing market has fallen to lows not seen since 2001. Stacey Vanek-Smith has more.
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Politics keeping Brazilian ethanol out of US

With the price of oil hitting $70 a barrel, calls for increased development of alternative fuels in the US are growing louder. One source could be Brazilian ethanol made from sugar cane. But as Dan Grech reports, policies to protect the U.S. corn-based ethanol industry are keeping the fuel out.

AMA: Insurance consolidation = higher premiums

A new study from the American Medical Association finds that consolidation in the health insurance industry has led to higher premiums for consumers. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Report: Cleaner coal key to industry's survival

A new report says the coal industry in the Western United States could lose business if it doesn't adapt to cleaner burning technologies. Sam Eaton reports.

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