Marketplace AM for April 15, 2005

Episode Description 

Inside the IRS - what goes on behind those IRS doors

Millions of Americans ship off their tax returns to the IRS today. So, just who has the unenviable task now of plodding through all of that paperwork? Monica Brady-Myerov takes us inside the IRS to meet the people whose responsibility it is to process our 1040s.

India and taxes? No, not really ....

If you are like most Americans, today's the day when you put your tax package in the mail. But unless you're getting a big check back from the government this year, you might find yourself wishing you were a citizen of India. The vast majority of Indians don't pay their taxes. Economists estimate that black money makes up half of the Indian economy. From New Delhi, Miranda Kennedy has more.

The Job Files!

Here come the Job Files. Today...the marriage clerk.

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