Marketplace AM for April 13, 2005

Episode Description 

Retirement and Medicare - two crucial issues

A Congressional panel takes up a bill today that deals with postal workers' pensions. But it could also have an effect on the rest of us. As Marketplace's Matthew Algeo reports, what's at stake is -- the price of a stamp. Also, in this edition of The Public's Business, Marketplace commentator Robert Reich says Social Security's problems mask a much bigger crisis.

Telecommuting in this age of high gas prices ...

With their constituents paying $2.50 and up for a gallon of gas, Congress is debating a broad energy bill with incentives to, eventually, produce more fuel. But before Congress gets that all worked out, you may be looking for ways to ease the pain you've been feeling at the pump. Telecommuting may be an answer - even if your company doesn't have a formal policy on flexible work schedules. From the Work and Family Desk, Marketplace's Hillary Wicai reports there's a right way to ask.

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