Marketplace AM for April 12, 2007

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Let it be MP3

The Beatles' music is now just a new royalties deal away from becoming available on iTunes. The band has reportedly settled a $60 million dispute with record company EMI, the final obstacle in the catalogue's journey onto Internet store shelves.
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LA v. Chicago decision at hand

This weekend, the U.S. Olympic Committee will choose which city gets to move forward with America's bid to host the 2016 Olympics. And it's going to be a tough decision says USC's David Carter.
Posted In: Sports

Comcast adds Fandango to its lineup

Another big merger in the media business: Cable provider Comcast is buying popular movie ticket website Fandango in its quest to create a one-stop entertainment destination site coming this summer.
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Sweet deal: Nestlé's buying Gerber

Confirmation today that Nestlé is buying Gerber and its 80 percent share of the U.S. baby food market for $5.5 billion. Analysts say it's a smart move for a company looking for healthy growth.
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$1 billion subprime bailout of sorts

Foreclosures are on the rise as more and more homeowners find themselves unable to refinance, stuck with mortgages they can't afford. But now a nonprofit is teaming up with two major banks to offer thousands a second chance.
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Imus out at MSNBC

MSNBC said today it's dropping its simulcast of "Imus in the Morning." More sponsors have pulled their ads over the host's wisecrack last week, but some are sticking around — and CBS Radio may decide it can't afford to fire Don Imus.
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United passes the $10 buck

Los Angeles International Airport is raising the rent and United Airlines is passing the increase onto travelers with a $10 per ticket surcharge — effective immediately.
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Vioxx successor seeks approval

An FDA panel votes today on a new Merck arthritis drug called Arcoxia. It's a super-aspirin like Vioxx, which was pulled off shelves after studies linked use to increased risks of heart attack and stroke. But does this new drug belong on the market?
Posted In: Health

China, Japan ease back into business

The neighboring nations have a history of bitter rivalry, but economic opportunity is helping to heal old wounds in a new era of global business.
Posted In: Canada

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