Marketplace AM for April 10, 2006

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What happened to GMAC and Lucent?

Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan talks to host Scott Jagow about why GMAC and Lucent Technologies recently sold at relatively bargain basement prices.
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Demand is high for lawyers

Economist Eric Talley and host Mark Austin Thomas discuss the continuing allure of the legal profession.

Chirac gives in

French President Chirac has bowed to public pressure and scrapped his new US-style labor law. The measure, designed to cut France's record level of youth unemployment, sparked protests around the country. Stephen Beard reports.

WTO reports on China's currency policy

The World Trade Organization is expected to wade into the dispute over the value of China's yuan, calling on the Asian giant in a report today to adopt a more flexible currency exchange rate. But as Ashley Milne-Tyte reports, China may pay the request little heed.

Immigration rallies today

The debate over immigration policy moves from the halls of Congress to the streets today where thousands are expected to rally for immigration rights in cities across the country. Jeff Tyler has more.

Venture capital gender gap

More women are starting companies than ever before, but only about 4% of them are backed by venture capital. Ethan Lindsey takes a look at why.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Rockin' and rollin' in China

What a weekend it was in China. The Rolling Stones played its debut concert there. And in Beijing, Harley-Davidson opened its first dealership. Jocelyn Ford checked out the Hogs.

Bank of Wal-Mart?

A public hearing starts today over Wal-Mart's plans to get into the banking business. As Bob Moon reports, the proposal has plenty of skeptics.

IBM's new mouse trap

Big Blue unveils new technology today that will offer cell phones and PDAs the same firewall protections as giant main frames. But as Janet Babin reports, IBM's competitors are close to releasing their own versions.

Is that fake news on your TV?

A new study finds video news releases from companies are often aired on TV as straight news stories. Brett Neely reports.

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