Marketplace Money for Weekend of May 31 - June 1

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Marketplace Money for Weekend of May 31 - June 1

Multiple real estate listings to go online

For those ready to jump into the real estate market, the National Association of Realtors has agreed to share the housing database called the Multiple Listing Service with rival brokers on the Internet. Author Elizabeth Razzi explains.

Hitting the road to say 'I do'

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes did it. So did Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. But saying vows in exotic places is not just for Hollywood royalty. One study says destination weddings quadrupled in the last decade. Why are they so popular?
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Day in the Work Life: The singing doctor

You caught "Scrubs, the Musical" on NBC, right? On this week's A Day in the Work Life, we learn singing doctors are not just make-believe. Dr. Ari Perry performs some of his material and tells how music keeps him sane.

Getting Personal

This week, Tess Vigeland and economics editor Chris Farrell talk to a parent trying to save money for his child's college education and a man trying to get a mortgage.
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Straight Story: Free credit ratings

As part of a potential class action settlement with TransUnion this week, consumers are going to be able to get a free copy of their credit score. Host Tess Vigeland talks with economics editor Chris Farrell about this new service.

SEC considers investment ranking

The Securities and Exchange Commission is exploring whether credit-rating agencies that rate security or bond investments should also be required to rank how risky they are. Host Tess Vigeland talks to corporate law professor Eric Talley.
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Duking it out in the index fund wars

Fidelity Investments wants more of the index fund business, so it's trying to lure customers away from rival Vanguard by taking out full-page newspaper ads boasting that Fidelity has lower expenses. Nancy Marshall Genzer has the story
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Landing profits with lobster traps

Maine's annual lobster catch was down 15 percent last year. But a pair of lobster-catching brothers came up with a plan to beat the economic odds -- they rent their traps to their customers and FedEx them the catch.

Women who earn more than their men

A recent report based on census data showed that women who out-earned their male suitors and partners made them feel uncomfortable and inadequate. Sean Cole tries to find out if this is really true.