Marketplace Money for Weekend of July 11-12, 2009

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Feds shut down small-biz credit firm

New credit regulations take effect next year to insure small-business owners get the credit they need. But one credit company has been squeezing small businesses so much that the government is taking notice now. Steve Henn reports.
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Office tries going undressed for success

Tess talks with a boss in England who called for a "Naked Day" to build team spirit. She then explores what such a day would inspire at Marketplace.
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Help calls bog down mortgage program

It's been several months since the White House began it's Making Home Affordable plan. The goal was to encourage banks to modify loans of homeowners in foreclosure. Tamara Keith reports on loan counselors who are trying to do just that.
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'Mom, Dad, I'm home ... to stay a while'

As job losses and foreclosures continue, more people are finding they can't afford to live on their own. Host Tess Vigeland talks to personal finance author Beth Kobliner about how families can handle an adult child moving back in with the parents.
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Getting Personal

Tess Vigeland and Chris Farrell answer listeners' questions about mortgage rates, cutting finances to buy a house, using savings to pay off credit-card debt, and avoiding sudden changes to credit-cards rules.

Recession slows retirement-home sales

Many seniors sell their homes to afford the high cost of moving to a full-service retirement community. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports that people are delaying this move because their houses aren't selling.
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Straight Story: Saving

Marketplace Economics Editor Chris Farrell explains why it's harder for some people to save money than others.
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Europeans worry less about GM layoffs

As General Motors emerges from bankruptcy, it's shedding thousands of jobs in the United States. Layoffs are likely in Europe as well, but GM employees there have a stronger social safety net to fall back on. Brett Neely reports.
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