Marketplace Money for Weekend of August 22-23, 2009

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Peering into the world of credit hackers

Ever wonder how hackers do it? Break into your private credit card accounts, spending money on your dime? Marketplace blogger Scott Jagow takes a closer look at a hacker's world.
Posted In: Crime, Internet

Is credit counseling good for you?

During these tough economic times, a lot of folks are reaching out for help with their credit cards. Marketplace Money listeners chime in on whether credit counseling has worked for them.

Credit card reforms only do so much

Commentator Jill Schlesinger says that although the government has passed new rules regarding credit cards, real credit card reform will only come when individuals change their spending habits.

Ideas for putting furlough days to work

We all like a day off. But what are people supposed to do when they're forced not to go to work and have no money? Host Stacey Vanek-Smith talks to the experts.
Posted In: Jobs

Economy gives some dads a bad rap

Despite hints that the economy is recovering, job losses continue. But what happens when fathers who pay child support are out of work? Monica Brady-Myerov reports.
Posted In: Investing, Savings

Getting Personal

Host Stacey Vanek-Smith and Economics Editor Chris Farrell field listeners' questions about how to pay for college and other financial matters.

Keeping college kids' money in check

Janet Bodnar of talks to host Stacey Vanek-Smith about what to watch out for -- financially speaking -- when the kids go off to college.
Posted In: Education

Prepping for college in tough times

Parents sending their kids off to college have it especially tough this season. Listeners weigh in on how they're managing.
Posted In: Education

Time to buy into 'impulse savings'

We've all fallen victim to impulse shopping. But impulse saving? Commentator Chris Farrell says Americans need to start rolling the dice on putting money away.
Posted In: Savings

Deciphering the health-care debate

President Obama hasn't stopped talking about health-care reform, yet the public is more confused than ever. Tamara Keith reports.
Posted In: Health

What the SEC did wrong with Madoff

The Securities and Exchange Commission's inspector general is expected to release a report next week on how the SEC failed in the Madoff debacle. Steve Henn reports.
Posted In: Wall Street

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