Marketplace Money for Thursday, December 31, 2010

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Marketplace Money for Thursday, December 31, 2010

Getting Personal: How 2010 affected your wallet

Marketplace Money's personal finance experts Kathy Kristof, David Lazarus, and Liz Pulliam Weston review the most important events from the year past that affected your wallet and what to expect from the year ahead.

To give or not to give: It's all about the brain

Commentator and author Jonah Lehrer takes a look at how we decide to give to others. He finds it has a lot to do with emotional response, and what our brains can handle.
Posted In: Charity, Health

Charities using more social media to raise funds

More and more people are using plastic, which makes it hard to donate to the Salvation Army folks with the red kettles. So the Salvation Army -- along with other nonprofits -- are using social media to collect donations.
Posted In: Charity

Connecting professionals with volunteer opportunities

Tess Vigeland talks to Rachael Chong, CEO of the nonprofit Catchafire, which matches professionals with charities and nonprofit organizations who can use their skills.
Posted In: Charity

A friendlier, more personal payday lender

Marketplace's Alisa Roth visits a new kind of payday lender that is part of an FDIC pilot program. The program gives payday loans -- but it gives borrowers get personalized financial advice and more time to repay the loans.

Going "green" can be cutting jobs

Hotels around the country are urging their customers to "make a green choice" and opt out of daily housekeeping for their rooms. But cutting back on water and electricity might also be cutting back on something else: jobs. Sean Cole reports.
Posted In: Environment, Jobs, Travel

How consumerism has gone through "spend shift"

In the wake of the Great Recession, the American consumer has learned to be more price-conscious and selective about purchases. Co-author John Gerzema explains his theory of a "spend shift."
Posted In: Personal Finance

Economic wishes for 2011

It's time to look forward to the new year. Here's what Marketplace's regulars are wishing for in 2011.

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