Marketplace Money for September 4, 2004

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Marketplace Money for September 4, 2004

Sound Money for September 4, 2004

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From the Money Matters Desk: A working report on office politics

Is a co-worker stealing credit for your work? Are you working longer hours without an increase in pay? Is your boss ruining your work life? Well, sit back and listen... we've got some advice. On this week's "Money Matters" -- our regular look at how to improve your bottom line -- we asked negotiations expert Sheila Heen how to deal with office politics... in all its forms.
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Special Needs

The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law 14 years ago this summer to improve the lives and working conditions of people with special needs. But a recent poll showed that disabled Americans are three times more likely than others to live in poverty. Gretchen Cook has our story.

"Straight Story": Dividends

It's time once again for economics editor Chris Farrell to help you sort out what's smart, what's stupid and what's the Straight Story. Listen to the debut of a new Chris Farrell mantra: dividends, dividends, dividends.
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"Day in the Work Life": Plumber

Labor Day became a national holiday in 1894, celebrating the working class. In that spirit, on today's 'Day In the Work Life' -- our weekly look at how folks trade their time for money -- we put on our hard hats and solder some pipes alongside an apprentice plumber.
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Weird Economic Indicators

What do hemlines and boxes say about the American economy? They're both indicators as to how we're doing. Most people know about the unemployment rate and the consumer price index, but what can these other lesser-known signs point to? We talk to Hugh Johnson, the First Albany Chief Economist.
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"The Buzzword": Export Tariff

Life is hard enough without having to decipher everything. Each week, Sound Money will bring you a word or a phrase that has bubbled to the top of the news. For instance: "Export Tariff." You hear it, you see it, but do you really know it?
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Mailbag for September 4, 2004

Chris Farrell answers more of your burning money questions. This week: advice on using dollar cost averaging, investing in corporate bonds, and starting the financial planning for a long trip.
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Investing in Commodities

Feeling a little uncertain with seesaw oil prices and a mercurial stock market? Well, we've got one word for you: Commodities. Kai speaks to Dan McNeela, a senior analyst at Morningstar, about what investing in raw goods can do for your portfolio.
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Women and Pay

What a difference a penny makes.... Last week, the Census Bureau released figures that showed women, on average, still get paid less than men for the same job. Reporter Hilary Wicai examines salary dynamics in the workplace.
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