Marketplace Money for November 25, 2005

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Marketplace Money for November 25, 2005

Gifts of Stocks and Bonds

Marketplace Money offers this gift-giving guide for those who want to spread the joy of personal finance. Listen to advice on how to gift stock from Ellen McGirt of <em>Money Magazine</em>.
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Bonus Time!

There's nothing like an end of year bonus to give you a beginning-of-the-year boost. But a new survey reveals that the majority of companies won't be stuffing your paycheck with a bonus this year. Author Michael Laskoff explains why a raise is always better.
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The "Buzzword": Black Friday

Life is hard enough without having to decipher everything. Each week, Sound Money brings you a word or a phrase that has bubbled to the top of the news. For instance -- "Black Friday." You hear it, you see it, but do you really know it?
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Big Box Stores

The discounts offered by chains like Costco, Target and Kmart are tough to pass up. But are there hidden costs? Alex Cohen investigates.

From the Money Matters Desk: Protection from Cyber Fraud

On this week's Money Matters -- our regular look at how to improve your bottom line -- how do you protect yourself from cyber fraud? Jennifer Mulrean, a staff writer for MSN Money, offers tips on clicking your way to a better online shopping experience.
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The "Straight Story" with Chris Farrell: Giving Thanks

It's time once again for economics editor Chris Farrell is to help you sort out what's smart, what's stupid and what's the Straight Story. The President's tax panel, immigrants and AC/DC... what do these items have in common? Chris has the answer.
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Listener Letters for November 25, 2005

Time for us to peek into the <em>Marketplace Money</em> letters bag. Don't miss the missives.
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Mailbag for November 25, 2005

Our economics editor Chris Farrell answers more of your burning money questions. This week: advice on finding a lost savings bond, investing in fuel cell technology, and choosing the right self-employed retirement account.
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Budgeting for the Holidays

The gluttony of Thanksgiving is behind us... so you know what that means: the gluttony of holiday spending season is next! Marketplace's Lisa Napoli scouts out ways to budget your time and money.

"Day in the Work Life": Food Critic

On today's "A Day In the Work Life" -- our weekly look at how folks trade time for money -- we sample entrees with a food critic.
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