Marketplace Money for November 15-16, 2008

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Marketplace Money for November 15-16, 2008

For many, the holiday party's over

Company cutbacks are so severe right now that many are skipping the annual holiday party. Scott Jagow talks to Jo Bennett of Battalia Winston Amrop, which does a survey about corporate holiday events.
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Here's what I'm doing: Staying spirited

Dan Yates runs a tour boat company in Portland, Oregon, and he's trying to keep the spirit alive in a down economy. In our latest "Here's what I'm doing," he tells us he doesn't believe in cutting back on the party.

Facing foreclosure, some go to church

African Americans could lose up to $90 billion from foreclosures, according to a recent study. As Jenee Darden reports, some predominantly black churches are offering help to those in need of a financial rescue.
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Work Life: Locations manager

She gets a script and she finds a place to shoot it. And then there are the little things involved. We follow Locations Manager Nancy Haecker around as she preps for features and TV shows.

Bank fees could get you in the end

For the last 10 years, bank fees have been going up consistently. Scott Jagow talks to's Greg McBride, who tells us where customers are getting stung the most.
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Straight Story: Look across the board

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has shifted his focus to consumer lending, but not to foreclosures. Economics correspondent Chris Farrell tells Scott Jagow we need more across-the-board solutions.

Daycare costs becoming too much

The cost of childcare is outpacing inflation, leaving parents with a tough call: Find more money or find another way to care for their kids. Jaime Bedrin reports.
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This season is no holiday for retailers

With retail sales having their biggest drop in record in October, the holiday shopping season is looking pretty bleak. How bad will it be? Scott Jagow gets the report from Marketplace's retail maven, Stacey Vanek-Smith.
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Sharing tales of money woes and wins

How much did you pay for that set of golf clubs you never used? Don't be ashamed, you're not alone. Eve Troeh reports that folks are coming out of the closet to tell tales of money wasted -- and to find help.
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Getting Personal

This week, Scott Jagow and economics correspondent Chris Farrell answer questions on what a church should do with a large donation and how a teenager should invest her $500.

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