Marketplace Money for June 27-28, 2009

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Listener commentary on our coverage

Tess Vigeland and producer Eve Troeh sift through e-mails, voicemails and letters from listeners who have something to say about our recent coverage.
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Fee-free National Park check up

Last week, Tess Vigeland talked to park rangers from Oregon and California about how they were preparing for the first of three free weekends at U.S. National Parks. She checks in with them to see how things went.
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Where did credit-card junk mail go?

Credit card offers aren't clogging up the mail like they used to. Those that do come in aren't the zero-interest, zero-fee deals of the past. Rico Gagliano reports.

Day in the Work Life: Shoe designer

Kathryn Kerrigan noticed that taller women like her had difficulty finding cute, designer shoes that fit. Now she makes a living designing shoes for women of all sizes.

Changes afoot for student loans

Income-based repayment for student loans begins July 1, meaning many borrowers will be able to lower their monthly payments. Tess Vigeland talks to Lauren Asher of the Project on Student Debt about changes to the loan process.
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Getting Personal

Marketplace Money host Tess Vigeland and economics editor Chris Farrell answer listeners' personal finance questions about rental car insurance, credit checks for your child and paying down debt while unemployed.

More reasons to ditch the gas guzzler

A new law is motivating people to trade in their old vehicles for more energy-efficient models. Tess Vigeland braves a car lot in Santa Monica to get the low-down on the Cash for Clunkers trade-in program and tax incentives for new cars.
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Decoder: 'Plain vanilla' products

The Obama administration wants "plain vanilla" to be the standard for mortgages, credit cards and other financial products. But what exactly does that mean? Marketplace's Amy Scott explains.

Banking on the previously unbanked

A neighborhood bank is hard to find in low-income areas of Los Angeles. But the "Bank On L.A." program is trying to bring people reliant on check-cashing shops into the banking system. Tess Vigeland reports.
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