Marketplace Money for July 9, 2010

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Marketplace Money for July 9, 2010

Why do we pay for more for the same?

Tess Vigeland talks to UCLA Professor Suzanne Shu about why we do the seemingly illogical things we do with credit card points.

Letters: Beer, scams, money is power

Host Tess Vigeland reads some of your thoughts on our recent coverage of beer, scams and a study on how handling money makes people feel empowered.

I'm a cheapskate, out and proud!

Tess Vigeland talks to author Jeff Yeager about the joys of living below your means.
Posted In: Savings

Take my house? I'm moving into yours

Tess Vigeland talks to reporter Bob Moon about the protest against JPMorgan Chase by frustrated home owners that he stopped by.
Posted In: Housing

Family takes a risk to stay in hometown

John Hanning is one of the employees at the General Motors plant in Shreveport, La., which will close at some point in the next two years. He took a gamble and opted to stay at the plant instead of transferring.
Posted In: Auto, Jobs

The Dow is falling! Or not?

Tess Vigeland talks to Reuters blogger Felix Salmon about how to make sense of the conflicting headlines coming from business journalism.
Posted In: Investing

Getting Personal

Tess Vigeland and Money's economics editor Chris Farrell answer your questions about if a future spouse can also be liable for your debt load, how to budget when you're not sure when your next paycheck is coming and when to refinance your home.

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