Marketplace Money for July 26-27, 2008

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Marketplace Money for July 26-27, 2008

Summer School: Naked short selling

We're taking you back to the basics with our summer refresher course on finance terms. Today, we expose ourselves to naked short selling.
Posted In: Wall Street

Letters from our listeners

Host Tess Vigeland reads listener comments on a few of our recent stories. This week: Nationalizing Fannie & Freddie, credit card perks, target date funds and Marketplace Money makes a new friend.

Estate planning: Your questions

Kiplinger's John Ventura joins host Tess Vigeland a final time in our series about planning for the end. This week: John answers your questions about estate planning.
Posted In: Retirement

Day in the Work Life: Projectionist

On this week's "A Day in the Work Life," we get a peak at this summer's blockbusters from a slightly different angle with a projectionist.

Getting Personal

In this edition of Getting Personal, Chris and Tess talk about securing investments over $100,000, consolidation loans, options for borrowing against your home and record keeping.

Trading in your gas guzzler

Eager to unload that big truck or SUV and start saving at the pump? Not so fast. The cost of dumping your inefficient vehicle may be more than you end up saving. John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Auto, Oil

More families turning to food banks

Host Tess Vigeland introduces us to Elaine, just one of the many people pushed from financial security to barely getting by by tough economic times.
Posted In: Food

Straight Story: Bailout

Fewer jobs, less health care, pricier food and gas and dependence on the federal government to bail us out in the end. Economics editor Chris Farrell sets the story straight on the state of the economy.

Calming your economic fears

With portfolios flopping and the market fluctuating, it's hard to not be frightened. Host Tess Vigeland talks to columnist Jason Zweig about how to make good decisions despite economic anxiety.
Posted In: Investing

Making safe deposits at your bank

Big losses at banks across the country have depositors nervous. How can you make sure that your bank is secure? Mitchell Hartman reports.
Posted In: Economy, Savings

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