Marketplace Money for January 7, 2011

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Marketplace Money for January 7, 2011

The effects of changing currencies

Estonia converted from its beloved Kroon to the Euro on Jan. 1, and the switch has become confusing and emotional for some. Christopher Werth reports on the difficulties behind changing currencies.

Financial education can't replace tough regulations

Why do consumers carry a credit card balance when they know they shouldn't? Commentator Ira Rheingold says when it comes to money, knowledge won't guarantee you'll make smart financial moves.

Getting Personal: Retirement and plastic

Marketplace Money host Tess Vigeland and economics editor Chris Farrell answer listener e-mails and questions. This week, a retired Air Force officer really, REALLY likes being retired and a woman with 20 credit cards asks how she can pare down the plastic.
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Don't be scared of the future of technology

Many have fears that new technologies like Facebook and Twitter will have a negative effect on society. But author Nick Bilton says we shouldn't be so scared -- in fact, we've been here before. He spoke with Tess Vigeland in front of a live audience about the future and technology.

Tips for staying financially fit this year

What are your plans to stay in good money shape this year? We asked our favorite blogger-tweeters for their best tips.
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Why you shouldn't set up a budget

The New York Times' Tara Siegel Bernard talks with Tess Vigeland about a recent article she wrote, which explains why a budget is like a diet -- ineffective. She discusses why you shouldn't set up a budget and offers some advice.
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More youth become engaged in philanthropy

These days, young people are getting more involved in higher-end decisions that have traditionally been reserved for adults. They're sitting on foundation boards and allocating grant money to nonprofits. April Dembosky reports.
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What's in your wallet , Mike Magione?

We're kicking off our new series, What's in Your Wallet? We're approaching folks on the street and getting them to reveal the contents of their wallets.

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