Marketplace Money for January 14, 2011

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Marketplace Money for January 14, 2011

In search of the purpose-driven career

With unemployment in the U.S. near 10 percent, many job seekers are settling for jobs that are lower paid and of lower status. But Eve Troeh reports that a better approach may be to keep your high standards in place, and to strive for purpose in a career.
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Consumer safety gets online database

Congress' product safety legislation is set to kick in next week with the launch of a new online database where consumers can report products that may have safety or health hazards. But like any online forum, how trustworthy will it be? Sally Herships reports.
Posted In: Retail

New Verizon deal means some freedom, finally

When Verizon announced this week that it was soon going to offer the iPhone on its network, it was a big deal. Especially for Marketplace's Tech Report host John Moe, who will be freed from his AT&T contract next week. He contemplates the options.
Posted In: Science

Getting Personal: Margin accounts, credit repair

Tess and L.A. Times columnist David Lazarus take on listener questions about money.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: What's in your wallet, David Lazarus?

We ask the L.A. Times columnist and regular Marketplace Money contributor about what's inside his wallet.

Financially preparing for a divorce

It's the busiest time of the year for divorce lawyers. Family law attorney Kelly Chang talks with Tess Vigeland about why so many people seek to end a marriage at this time, the average cost of divorce and what she thinks about pre-nups.
Posted In: Law, Personal Finance

Protect yourself from a divorce... with insurance

There's a new option to protect your money and help cover the high costs of ending a marriage: divorce insurance. WedLock Divorce Insurance CEO John Logan talks with Tess Vigeland about how he came up with the idea, how it differs from a pre-nup, and what the reaction has been.
Posted In: Law, Personal Finance

How to identify and build your investor identity

Tess talks to Frank Murtha, co-author of "MarketPsych," on how to identify and build your "investor identity."
Posted In: Investing, Personal Finance

What's in your wallet, Peter Keating?

We go across the border to Canada to find out what Peter Keating keeps in his wallet, which he found on the street.

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