Marketplace Money for January 10, 2004

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Marketplace Money for January 10, 2004

The dollar weakens

The dollar is falling! The dollar is falling! Are analysts just crying wolf? Stephanie Curtis talks with currency expert Yianos Kontopolous to find out what's happening to the greenback, and what it means to the U.S. economy, the global economy, and individual investors.
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Listener questions for January 10, 2004

This week, Chris Farrell answers questions on profiting from the "mad cow" scare, saving for college, getting out of debt, and investing in index funds.


Bureaucratic hassles and red tape have left many Americans calling for government to run more like a business. But guest commentator Rik Reppe questions whether a democratic government should value efficiency above all else.
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The cost of maintaining your car

Your car is making that ominous rattling sound again. Do you fix it, or throw in the towel and buy new? Chris Farrell gets to the bottom of this age-old question with's consumer advice editor Phil Reed.

The growing deficit

Our government is tumbling into debt. Should we be concerned? Chris Farrell gets some perspective with author and historian John Steele Gordon.
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