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The American Dream. What does that even mean now, anyway? We've spent the past few weeks trying to figure it out and asking people about their dreams. Getting educated, making a home, and retiring comfortably. A slew of experts helped us build a financial roadmap of sorts:  from where you are now to where you want to be. This week’s show follows up with you. What you wrote us, what you wanted more information about, and what stories you shared.  Plus, economic policy often shapes how you pay for those big dreams. We look at the role of the Federal Reserve. 

A guide to Money and the American Dream

What do you think of when you hear the phrase -- The American Dream? Explore our special site for resources and stories from our series.
Posted In: Personal Finance, American dream

Income, poverty and a new interactive from Marketplace

The U.S. Census released a report on the national median income and poverty rate this week. And Marketplace released a data tool on incomes to tell a bigger story about how we live at any income.
Posted In: census, poverty, median income

Why the Federal Reserve's decisions matter to you

You've heard of the Federal Reserve. You've heard of Ben Bernanke. You know that they're important. But do you know how the Fed's decisions directly affect your wallet?
Posted In: Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke

Some comfort for caregivers

What resources are available for people who take care of sick or elderly loved ones?
Posted In: caregiving, elderly care

It's my birthday and you got me... a retirement account?

Is gifting a retirement account a good idea? Not always, says CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger, who answers listeners questions about retirement this week.
Posted In: Personal Finance, Retirement

Talking about how to pay for college

It's a conversation that not all families have: How to pay for college. One high school junior and her mother discuss what they talked about.
Posted In: college, student debt

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