Marketplace Money for Friday, September 2, 2011

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Marketplace Money for Friday, September 2, 2011

Finding jobs 'For the People'

Tess Vigeland drops by a job fair in South Los Angeles to listen to the struggles and hopes of job seekers -- many who have been unemployed for over a year.
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Military veterans struggle to find jobs

After serving their country, many military veterans struggle to find jobs in the civilian world. Reporter Jeff Tyler looks at the unique challenges they face when they come back the U.S.
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Unemployed? Don't bother applying

The unemployment numbers in August held steady. A lot of Americans need work, but there's an obstacle: Employers don't want unemployed applicants.
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How to score your dream gig

It may feel like a bad idea to pursue your dream job in these uncertain times. But Laura Dodd, author of "Dig this Gig" thinks now is the time to pursue or create the job you want.
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The drama of the daily grind

Sterile cubicles may not scream drama, but author Daniel Orozco saw plot and characters in the workplace. His short stories about the nine-to-five are compiled in a new collection, "Orientation."
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Getting Personal: Starting a financial life

Tess Vigeland and David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times answer listeners' personal finance questions.
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What's in your wallet, Kelsey Martinez?

A New Yorker in Los Angeles talks about why she keeps a the Boston public transportation pass in her wallet.

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