Marketplace Money for Friday, October 7, 2011

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We learn some tips from the Consumers Union on how to make that transition as pain-free as possible. Those "free" checking accounts may never have been free to begin with. Humorist Kristina Wong wonders why more Americans aren't taking to the street, considering there are many reasons for citizens to get angry (bank fees included). Some formerly abused are learning to manage money, as a means to protect themselves. And we learned the appeal of financial blogging.

Empowering women through financial literacy

Domestic violence issues often stem from financial disputes. A program in New York is helping abused women regain control by teaching them financial literacy.
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Getting Personal: How to invest, to save or pay down a debt?

Tess Vigeland and personal finance columnist Liz Weston answer listeners' personal finance questions.
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Piggy Bank Awards: An innovative job search

This week's winner is a college grad who chose a unique way to put himself in front of employers in a big way.

The wide world of financial blogging

There are hundreds of financial blogs -- people tackling mountains of debt, explaining financial concepts. Tess Vigeland went to a financial blogger conference to learn why readers find these blogs so appealing.
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How to switch banks, the smart way

Many people are gearing up to switch banks -- to ones with little or no fees. We learn some tips on how to make that transition as smoothly as possible.
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A call to arms, Americans

Americans have a lot to fume about -- still-high unemployment, disappearing retirement accounts, the increasing rich-poor gap. Humorist Kristina Wong wonders why more Americans aren't expressing that anger.

How free are those 'free' checking accounts?

There's a huge uproar over the fees many banks are proposing, but those checking accounts may never have been free to begin with.
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What's in your wallet, Liz Weston?

We take a peek into the wallet of personal finance columnist Liz Weston, whose job is to teach others how to keep more cash in their wallets.

Letters: Credit scores, the Fed's Operation Twist

We dig into the Marketplace Money mailbag to see what you think of our stories.

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