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How important are appearances to you? This week we're focusing on how we present ourselves in the eyes of others and behave accordingly -- from figuring out an algorithm for how bras fit to free haircuts for the unemployed, how to behave when you're standing in line to how seniors present themselves. Plus, how are tattoos viewed in the workplace these days? And when it comes to appearances, who appears more capable, competent and savvy than a superhero? They fly through the air and leap buildings. But how do they handle their money?

Tattoos in the workplace: Still taboo?

Tattoos might traditionally send negative signals to employer: that you are a rebel, or that you don't think about the future. But as they become more and more common, do tattoos still matter as much around the workplace?
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Prop. 37 in California may require labels on some GMO foods

There's a California proposition that could change packaging requirements for some foods. If it passes, it'll require labels on some foods made with genetically engineered ingredients. What's at stake for the food business and consumers?
Posted In: genetically modified food, GMOS, Prop 37

The high costs of looking good as you age

Appearing to look better than others in your age group could be seen as a blessing or a very expensive curse.
Posted In: aging, baby boomers

The psychology behind lines

We've all spent endless hours waiting in lines. What's the science behind it and how has the process changed?
Posted In: lines, psychology

How superheroes deal with personal finance

Everyone has to worry about personal finance, even superheroes. What financial worries and risks do they face -- from taxes to emergency funds and everything in between?
Posted In: superhero, Personal Finance

Innovations won't resolve personal finance woes

The digital wizardry unveiled at the annual Finovate trade show is great, but it won't help solve the decades-long assault on our personal finances.
Posted In: Personal Finance, financial innovation

Informal lending can boost your credit score

A group in San Francisco has found a way to report informal lending circles popular among some immigrant groups to credit bureaus -- as a way to boost the credit scores of participants.
Posted In: lending circles, credit, credit score, immigrants

Choosing a bra: Personal fitter vs. online algorithm

Women spend a lot of money on bras, but is it better to find the best bra through a personal shopper or a website's algorithm?
Posted In: bras, Retail, algorithm

For unemployed, a shave and a haircut... no charge

Telling someone to cut their hair and get a job is an old cliche. But a Portland barbershop is doing just that for those who are down on their luck.
Posted In: haircut, unemployed

The costs and benefits of one teen's tattoo

One teen's neck tattoo offers protection -- and may hurt his chances of getting ahead at work.
Posted In: tattoos

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