Marketplace Money for Friday, October 18, 2013

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This Week: Financial Health.  Money can motivate us in all sorts of ways.  Change your job.  Pick one house over another.  And in some instances, change our behavior.  We spend time this week with two folks who have done that:  using money to lose weight. Workplaces are also getting into the act.  Using financial carrots and sticks to encourage healthier lifestyles for their workers.  Plus, how should we learn about personal finance?  With schools?  And get some answers to these personal finance puzzles:  When should you put a home on the market? What’s the math behind taking money out of your portfolio if you don’t want go back to work?

Personal finance in schools

Why personal finance classes are not mandated in high schools
Posted In: Education, financial planning, Personal Finance

Tech Splurge or Steal?

That high price-tag holding you back from getting your hands on the latest tech gadgets? Some more affordable options could be the answer to your dilemma.
Posted In: technology, tablets, iPad, Personal Finance, gadgets

Modifying behavior with financial incentives

Employers are rolling out benefit programs that create financial incentives for healthier habits. But does it work?
Posted In: employers, incentives, Health, health insurance

Dieting for dollars: Using money to motivate weight loss

Shedding those holiday pounds can be tough, but maybe a financial incentive can give you that extra push.
Posted In: weight loss, Health, Personal Finance, incentives, competition

Back to personal finance basics

Answering listener questions about personal finance.
Posted In: Personal Finance, financial advice

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